2018 Cocoa Cutie Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Denise Butler on

The 2018 Cocoa Cutie Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

There are over 20 different designs from sports, fantasy, ballet and dance.  This is just a snippet of what we offer.  You will find Pillows, blankets, mugs, bags of all sorts, backpacks, and more!  


Pink Bows and Afro Puffs...Anytime, Any Occasion needs to be Celebrated!  Unless noted, any hue you see will be either Yanna, Jordyn, Kiara, or Mackenzie.


For the Dancer and Ballerinas this Christmas time, three different designs!

Basketball and Cheer for Practice or Game.


Next for the Gymnast, soaring high in the sky!

The newest Cocoa Cutie, just in time for the Holiday!


Mermaid and Unicorn Cocoa Cuties, last but not least.

We invite you to shop with us online, this is only a snippet, there is so much more.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Cocoa Cutie! 






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