About Us


Hi, Welcome to Cocoa Cutie My name is Denise and I am the Artist and Creator of Cocoa Cutie.  Cocoa Cutie is inspired by my nieces and nephews.  I was looking for products that reflected my family but was unable to find them. I  literally took to the drawing board and drew what I wanted to see.  


Each character is hand-drawn by me and is one-of-a kind.  Building self-esteem early on in our children is paramount, so each Cocoa Cutie is available in one of four different skin tones to reflect the diversity and beauty of every child. Also, our children deserve the very best, so I make sure each product is of the highest quality.  


As you look around the site, you'll start to see a new venture I'm doing with Cocoa Cutie.  Some of our products are part of the Cocoa Cutie Small Business Initiative.  I'm partnering with Small Business Makers to help create some of our products such as our New Color Me T-Shirts, as well as, Small Business Partners to help enhance some of the product gift sets we have.  I can be contacted at info@cocoacutie.com.  Thanks again for shopping with Cocoa Cutie!