About Us

Thank you for visiting my store, my name is Denise and Cocoa Cutie is a line of products I started because I wanted to purchase products that looked like me and my family.  

Each girl is named after one of my nieces, Kiara, MacKenzie, Jordyn, and Yanna. I was looking for birthday presents for Jordyn and Yanna.  I couldn't find them in mainstream so I created them. Then I thought, I can't be the only one looking for items like this. So I literally took to the drawing board.  All designs are drawn and created by me. My family comes in many different shades and skin tones, as well as, I am sure many of other families of color do as well and I wanted to reflect that in my line.  I am in the process of adding new products and designs everyday, so be on the lookout or subscribe to the Cocoa Cutie newsletter to be the first in the know. Follow Cocoa Cutie on Instagram @cocoacuties or on Facebook @cocoacuties.

LEGAL NOTICE: All Cocoa Cuties are the sole intellectual property of Cocoa Cutie and are protected by legal trademark & copyright.  Any unauthorized use, including but not limited to logos, images, graphics, resell or reproduction in any form, without the written permission of Cocoa Cutie is strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.