FUN Activities to Do On A Rainy Day

Fun Activities to Do on A Rainy Day!

1. Take a Virtual Field Trip!  There are many museums, parks, and zoos giving free virtual tours right now from the comfort of your home!  Here's a link to some below.

Zoos and Aquariums

Smithsonian National Zoo- See the Giant Panda Cam, plus many more!!

San Diego Zoo- Watch the Elephants and the Giraffes.

Georgia Aquarium- See the creatures of Sea

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Several Different Live Cams of Ocean Creatures, including Sharks and Penguins.

 2. Have a Coloring Day- Download one of our awesome Free coloring sheets!

 3. Do a Scavenger Hunt!  Download this Free Scavenger Hunt I created that involves looking for objects around your home or yard that match the shape!  Play it as a game of one or teams and see who can come up with the most creative objects!   I made two versions if you want to get even more creative, where you can find not just the shape, but the color as well!  Click Picture Below to Download!!